Home Lift,Projector lift , Pop up and Swivel tv lifts

We Supply, Install & Service the most innovative and technically advanced residential elevators on the market today, With world class engineering you can be assured of your satisfaction with the quality and .Customize and equip your elevator with many cab finishes to suit your home. Other options include two speed doors, power landing doors, lighting choices, scissor gates and much more

Home Lifts, Lifts for your home with style

We have a range of Home Lift solutions so if you require a simple budget lift or an elegant lift to improve the value of your Home we will aim to have the answer. Our Home Lifts can be installed within a shaft or they can come with there own enclousure which can be steel clad or glazed to give a truly elegant finish. We are able to fit swing doors that can be power operated or Sliding Doors that gives a true Passenger Lift experience and one touch operation, please contact us and ask about the options we have available.

Through floor lifts the simple lift solutions

Through Floor Lifts are a Lift designed for domestic use to travel through one floor. The great thing about a thru floor lift is that you get the floor space back once the lift is on the other floor. There is a trap door that falls into position when the Lift is down and also when the lift is up there is a seal thats put into place on the ceiling. A great space saving concept that also helps hide the fact that a lift is even fitted. The Lift's have many safety features such as Fire seals touch sensitive surfaces so that no pets or children can come to any harm if the lift is moving. there are also 3 diffirent types of lift wheelchair unit, seated Lift or standing unit.

New Compact Elevator

Our New compact Home Elevator is the latest Thru Floor concept, A standing Lift that looks elegant within your home, takes up little space and will fit in many hallways or even in your stairwell. This Lift will ensure you can remain within your home in your later years and make sure the stairs never become an issue, We can even finish the Lift to a number of interior designs to help the lift blend in with your decor contact us today for more details.

Residential Vacuum Lift

Economical and compact, the elevator is perfect for homes in a variety of sizes. No matter if the room is small or large, this glass pneumatic elevator fits practically anywhere – even in the most limited spaces! Only minimal construction is needed: Requiring neither hoistway nor pit, it can be attached to a balcony or go through a hole in the floor. ...This glass pneumatic elevator fits practically anywhere - even in the most limited spaces with only limited construction! As the smallest pneumatic home elevator offered,travels up to four stops, and is built for residential use only. For enhancing and expanding mobility between floors of a home, our elevator offers an efficient and versatile solution


It is important when considering which TV Lift to purchase that it meets your technical requirements and is of a high build quality to ensure it safely raises and lowers your TV. Our range of TV lifts can lift any flat screen TV in today’s market, from smaller TVs weighting, the way through to large TVs weighing . All of TV Lifts come with an IR remote control as standard

Projector Lifts

Projector lifts are an ideal way to conceal projectors when they are not in use or move them and the wires from the conference room table. Projector Lifts are not just for the office though with a variety of uses in the boardroom, home, boats and conference centres. Projector Lifts can be added to your home in a wall or ceiling cavity to conceal away the projector in your TV or home theatre room when not in use.


Simple but durable electric projector lift mechanism
80mm - 360mm of adjustment
Simple to install
12kg - 50kg load capacity
IR Remote control, universal bracket and ceiling plate all come with the lift
Quick and quiet operation
Ease of fitting in to roof or ceiling
Multiple environments and uses
Small and compact


Will fit in to most roof or ceiling cavities
Enhances the aesthetics of your room
Hide the projector
Protect the projector from scratches and breakages
Protect the projector against theft
All the accessories are supplied there are no extra costs (IR remote control, up/down wall panel, universal projector mount and ceiling closure plate