Lamasat steel factory ,Bahrain's leader in steel works .

Welcome to the infinite enchantment of ornamentation excellence in manufacturing ornamental wrought iron products like ornamental wrought iron, ornamental wrought iron railing, wrought iron grills / gates, doors, windows, balcony and handrail. We are on the leading company wrought iron racks and wrought iron. Turning cold, hard iron into exotic glowing dreams.

The Company Designs custom Doors, windows, handrail and balcony which suites and satisfy customer needs. it have professionals to create structured Iron of commercial and industrial sector. All kinds of doors with many native and foreigners design with different vision and remarkable imagination of Steel and stainless steel. Developing and implementing Windows with classic, native and European types is its specialist. Selecting High Quality material to create Handrail and balcony with excellent decoration and fabrication in different cultures over the world.

The company has power presses of higher tonnage, special lathe machines, shapers, and threading machines. TIG welding and MIG welding set installation, which are its special assets, are adept at handling all kinds of fabrication undertakings.

If you need more information of any type of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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